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Home Decor

Mushroom Rain Air Humidifier

Unique and Fashionable Humidifier: The design is similar to a rain cloud, and is equipped with a raindrop design. Its fashionable and modern design brings a natural breath to any room,...


Home Decor

waterfall coffee table

Introducing our Modern Walnut Ottoman and Coffee Table – an creative mixture of fashion and versatility that redefines the way you experience your living area. With a continuing fusion of...


Home Improvement

Smart Master Precision Level

LEVELLING & ALIGNMENT are vital processes in precision machines, image-capturing measurement & testing equipment. Imprecise leveling affects machine’s structural stability (inducing more VIBRATIONS) during active operation thus severely reduces dimensional accuracy...



Dish Soap Dispenser for Kitchen Sink

HANDS & DISHES – With the Hands and Dishes label, you’ll never mix up or get asked “Which Soap is Which?”. The label is not only good for distinction glass soap...


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