Precision Lock PLS-24 PRO Concealed Magnetic Catch


Have you grown tired of all the downfalls of traditional ball catches? Slamming doors, destroyed frames, constant need to be adjusted, having to use all your strength to get the door closed?

  • A Magnetic Ball Catch Replacement Kit is the modern solution!

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PLS24 PRO Concealed Magnetic Catch

To further reduce impact noise and bouncing effect when shutting door.


  • strong countersunk earth magnets. The magnets fit into two round cups which frame the magnet when installed.
  • set of round shims to incrementally adjust the distance between the magnets to tune the strength of the pull between the two.
  • two discs that cover the magnets, hiding the countersink and the screws for a clean look deserving of the doors edge


  • Suitable for light/medium/heavy full size hinged interior doors with door thickness greater than 1 3/16″ (30 mm) and great for standard hollow core pocket doors, interior sliding pocket doors (1/2″ hole required to flush mount magnets), closet and interior double doors.


  • Approximate 4 kg (8.8 lbs) pull strength (with door and door frame magnet components set with an approx. 1mm ‘air gap’ and installed at a backset of approx. 40mm (1.57″) in from the leading edge end of the top of the door. This is an approximate measure of pull strength as many variables can effect pull strength.
  • If this one isn’t strong enough, look at the heavy-duty PLS24 PRO-XHD version. Or less strength, check out PLS12 PRO



  • Use extreme caution when handling magnets as the attractant forces are very powerful and if allowed to snap together violently small sharp chips can be thrown off.


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Magnetic Door CatchesPrecision Lock PLS-24 PRO Concealed Magnetic Catch

Availability: 30 in stock