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LEVELLING & ALIGNMENT are vital processes in precision machines, image-capturing measurement & testing equipment. Imprecise leveling affects machine’s structural stability (inducing more VIBRATIONS) during active operation thus severely reduces dimensional accuracy and quality performances of outputs. In fact, without leveling a machine to its utmost precise condition, one could not ensure a machine’s own weight is proportionately distributed over its footings to achieve MAXIMUM STRUCTURAL STABILITY.

Digi-Pas DWL1300XY & DWL1500XY are AFFORDABLE yet HIGH-PERFORMANCE 2-Axis, Wireless Bluetooth Smart Machinist Level, Digital Inclinometer designed for industrial users & professionals. SIMULTANEOUSLY reads both X & Y axis leveling status wirelessly (One App included to redeem) with smartphones/tablets while adjusting footings of precision machines & equipment. CUTDOWN installation, setup & maintenance TIME by HALF, enable ONE-MAN OPERATION and improve QUALITY.

Digi-Pas 2-axis Precision Digital Level is highly precise. ACCURACY performance to specification has been verified by accredited 3rd party calibration laboratories & test bodies in US, Japan & Germany in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and/or ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 standard, traceable to NIST, JIS & DIN. To purchase an unit accompanied with NIST-traceable calibration certificate with data, please visit our website. This level come with 1-year mfr’s free repair or exchange.

For over a decade, granted with US patents: US Pat. No.: 9,459,121 B and D 807,210 S, Digi-Pas 2-axis digital level utilizing advanced MEMS technology has proven to effectively replace old-fashioned single-axis spirit vial levels. Its PREMIUM Higher & Ultra precision range of intelligent instruments DWL3000XY, DWL3500XY, DWL8500XY and DWL5500XY Sensor Modules have been widely used by some of the world’s most technologically advanced companies, research laboratories and government institutions all over the world.

APPLICATIONS for INSTALLATION, SETUP and MAINTENANCE of precision CNC machines, Vision Measurement equipment, CT Scan and MRI equipment, Automotive & Semiconductor Manufacturing equipment, Precision Engineering Machinery etc.


  • 2-AXIS LEVELS: Digi-Pas 2-AXIS MASTER Machinist Precision Level, Digital Inclinometer REPLACES 2 pieces of Old-fashioned Spirit Levels in one go. View 2-axis angle/leveling status SIMULTANEOUSLY in DIGITAL & Graphical “Bull Eye” Animation INSTANTLY.
  • WIRELESS: Tedious repetition on going ‘back-and-forth’ checking ‘bubble’ position in-between tiny graduation lines on vial is NOW THINGS OF THE PAST.

    This task is replaced by WIRELESSLY looking at leveling status simultaneously on your smartphone screen while leveling. It enables ONE-MAN OPERATION to align a machine instead of conventionally done by TWO MEN.

  • MULTIPLE DEVICES:  MANY ALIGNMENT TASKS require to ensure 2 surface planes to be in lines for both X & Y directions. Digi-Pas Machinist App allows you to connect up to TWO UNITS of Smart machinist levels to perform SURFACE LEVELING COMPARISON between 2 planes instantly within one screen.

    SET UP leveling data can be saved in picture and then sent for REPORTING purposes and useful for RECORDS & ACCOUNTABILITY.

  • CAPTURE DATA – QUICK SNAP:Enable users to CAPTURE leveling readings and angular data shown TOGETHER with your machine/equipment/object illustrated in photos/images using smartphone/tablet camera. The photo also indicates LOCATION, DATE & TIME when picture is being taken and save.

    USEFUL feature to serve as EVIDENCES (both digital leveling readings with the aligned machine/object) for Reporting, Record and Accountability purposes.




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Smart Master Precision LevelSmart Master Precision Level

Availability: 15 in stock